Closure & Rehabilitation

Successful mine site rehabilitation is dependent on the incorporation of rehabilitation and closure objectives in mine planning and day to day operational activities. The METServe team has extensive mine closure planning experience throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory and has delivered numerous Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plans for our Queensland Projects.

Therefore, our closure, decommissioning, and rehabilitation services include:

  • Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plans for mined land (PRC Plans)
  • General advice on mine rehabilitation, soils and weed management
  • Day to day management of decommissioning and closure activities
  • Rehabilitation reviews, trouble-shooting and monitoring
  • Development of achievable post closure land use targets
  • Day-to-day management of site rehabilitation activities
  • Rehabilitation and closure planning
  • Closure liability assessments
  • Post mine landform designs
  • Closure assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement (Government and Landowner) related to closure and rehabilitation outcomes
  • Engagement with Traditional Owners to develop and agree on rehabilitation objectives
  • Development of tenement relinquishment criteria
  • Strategies to reduce project closure liabilities
  • Operational and exploration revegetation