Australia’s wildlife is protected by a wide range of federal and state legislation. Mining and energy projects have a legal obligation to minimise and manage risks to threatened species, ecological communities, migratory birds, wetlands, watercourses and protected conservation areas.

All mining and energy projects will require specialist advice from qualified ecologists at one or more stages of the project, from baseline flora and fauna surveys to inform impact assessments, to studies investigating the progress of rehabilitation.

METServe has a highly skilled in-house team of ecologists, who specialise in providing ecological advice to the mining and energy industry. We strive to deliver cost-effective solutions that maximise benefits to both industry and the environment.

Our ecologists offer services for projects at all stages of development including: 

  • Terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora baseline surveys and impact assessments
  • Biodiversity offset surveys, strategies and coordination
  • Translocation and propagation of flora species
  • Monitoring of impacts on threatened species
  • Rehabilitation monitoring and management
  • Pest species monitoring and management
  • Targeted surveys for threatened species
  • Habitat value assessment and mapping
  • Ecosystem research and monitoring
  • Ecological research programs