Surface water & Groundwater

Our sub-consultant surface water/hydrology and groundwater/hydrogeology services include:

Surface Water/Hydrology

  • Hydrological assessments (feasibility, design, operational and closure phases)
  • Catchment runoff modelling (rainfall-runoff relationships and peak flow)
  • Creek/river flow hydraulics (flow-velocity-height assessments)
  • Water recycling and receiving waters discharge licenses
  • Water quality (in mine water circuits) assessments
  • Catchment flood and flow assessments
  • Water quality and flow monitoring
  • Creek diversion assessments
  • Water supply assessments
  • Water balance modelling


  • Spring and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem (GDE) assessments
  • Groundwater baseline assessments and bore water census
  • Site specific, local and regional groundwater usage audits
  • Advance groundwater dewatering design and monitoring
  • Groundwater bore design and construction supervision
  • Groundwater resource and impact assessments
  • Aquifer pump testing design and management
  • Aquifers and hydraulic properties definition
  • Pit water and contamination modelling
  • Field investigations and monitoring
  • Water supply investigations
  • Groundwater monitoring