GIS Analysis & Cartography

METServe’s GIS services are integrated throughout the business to support approvals, environmental management, closure and rehabilitation services. We design project specific workflows for processing and analysing datasets from a range of sources, and produce quality mapping products fit for purpose. Our goal is to provide GIS services and mapping products which clearly communicate information to all stakeholders, to facilitate better decision making.

GIS services include:

  • Acquisition of datasets from Commonwealth, State and Territory spatial data portals, including satellite imagery
  • Geo-referencing of vector and raster datasets, including image registration and rectification
  • Data digitisation
  • Data processing with industry standard file formats (e.g. Geodatabases, Shapefiles, MapInfo Tables, CAD files, Esri Grids, TIFF, ASCII), such as attribute or geometry clean-up and validation, or re-projection
  • Spatial data submissions for resource activities
  • Satellite image pre-processing, image analysis and classification, and post-processing
  • Various spatial analyses as required
  • 2D and 3D datasets and visualisation
  • Cartography